The Lokaha Mantra: Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu 

... May all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering.


To help decrease suffering and increase happiness in all beings everywhere!

We are all connected. When anyone suffers, the rest of us do too. When any of us are happy, we spread that joy to all our fellow beings.

About my group classes

We live in a hectic and often noisy world. People have told me that they don't like yoga because entering a silent yoga studio feels jarring to them. They have been immersed in noise and activity all day and when they enter into silence, they feel a disconnect between yoga studios and real life. They feel uncomfortable, like they can't be themselves and like they don't belong there. What's the point of learning to be calm if you can only achieve that feeling in a quiet yoga studio?  Where's the fun in learning to be peaceful if you feel you don't belong and you must act serious? If you have ever experienced that disconnect, keep reading...

My classes are different. I play pop and rock music. The classes are fun, high energy and uplifting. You will leave feeling good physically and emotionally. If you have a body, you are welcome in my classes. You don't need to be super flexible.  I don't wear high end yoga clothing. I would rather spend  money on organic treats for my dog, plants and  books with interesting ideas.  You can come to one of my classes in a t-shirt and shorts. You have my permission to laugh in class. If you sneeze, it's ok.  And, of course, smiling is always permitted.

Classes are  energetic, vigorous and meant to challenge students of all levels. Showing off and competition are never encouraged.  There is always an emphasis on safety. If you are a beginner or have physical limitations and need modifications, I am happy to provide alternatives for you.

All classes have a focus and we talk about yoga philosophy but it's in easy to follow modern terms. The only mantra used in my classes is the Lokaha mantra.

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious." - Brendan Gill   


Private Lessons, Energy Parties and Abolish Anxiety Workshop

I am available to teach group or private lessons in your place of business, at your home or in gyms in Bucks and Montgomery County. Serving the following Pennsylvania areas: Hatboro, Horsham, Montgomeryville,  Willow Grove,  Abington, Jenkintown,  Huntingdon Valley,  Newtown, Richboro, Northampton, Southampton, Warminster, Warrington, Warwick and Doylestown. If you are outside of these towns, please call to see if we can arrange something. For private lessons, I will create a practice specifically for you to meet your physical, emotional, mental and/ or spiritual needs.   If you've been wanting to try yoga, but are hesitant to go to a studio as a beginner, private lessons are a great way to build confidence. Contact me today so we can discuss your particular situation and determine how I can best assist you.

Now offering  Energy Parties for groups of 6 to 10 people at your location. The parties include an hour yoga class (indoor or outdoor), a group meditation and a mini energy healing session lasting approximately 20 minutes for each person. Energy parties can be customized.  Pick a theme or add the Open Your Heart Workshop or Find Your Purpose Workshop. If your group would like to experience multiple healing modalities, I have relationships with massage and reflexology practitioners. These mini-sessions could be added for an extra fee. If you've been wanting to try yoga or energy healing but are not sure if you'd like it,  energy parties are a great option for you! You get to try something new in a familiar setting while surrounded by friends for a nominal fee.  No experience is required. You only need an open mind! I invite you to contact me today to plan your event. To learn more about my  energy healing sessions, click here.

Abolish Anxiety Workshop - This workshop is held for two hours at a time for four weeks in a row. We discuss anxiety, what it is, how it impacts us, what society tells us about anxiety, and most importantly how to get rid of it once and for all. Workshop involves a seated portion where we discuss anxiety topics and afterward, an hour of yoga and meditation each time we meet. The cost is $100 for 4 weeks. Register by calling Jennifer (215) 490-3749 or sending an email through the contact us page. Payment accepted first night of class. 



My name is Jennifer Radomski and I have been practicing yoga for 26 years. I decided to become a teacher when I couldn't find a fun and convenient class in my area. I have an RYT 200 certificate. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Chair, Kriya, Restorative and Meditation.  I live in Hatboro with Sammie, an incredibly friendly black lab and Anna, a beautiful long haired cat.

I also offer energy sessions. To learn more, click here