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Benefits of Yoga

From personal experience and listening to my students, I have compiled a list of possible benefits when yoga is practiced regularly and in earnest. If you do yoga once per year and you don't really try, you aren't likely to experience these benefits. You need to make yoga a regular part of your life to experience noticeable changes.

Benefits related to the body:

Improves physical flexibility

Increases range of motion

Improves posture

Improves balance

Improves sleep

Decreases insomnia

Increases strength

Improves stamina

Increases body awareness

Improves body image

Increases acceptance of body

Improves breathing

Increases energy

Decreases physical stress

Decreases muscle tension and soreness

Relieves headaches and neck pain from prolonged sitting

Increases mobility of joints

Decreases joint pain

Improves waste elimination

Benefits related to the mind/emotions/spirit:

Decreases anxiety

Decreases hopelessness

Decreases depression

Decreases fear

Increases feelings of calm

Increases feelings of peace

Increases feelings of connectedness to others and the world

Increases feelings of joy

Increases feelings of gratitude

Decreases reactivity

Improves awareness of oneself

Improves self-esteem

Increases creativity

Increases compassion

Improves communication

Creates awareness of one's ego

Increases sense of well being

Improves focus and concentration

Increases alertness

Decreases judgmental thoughts